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The biggest city in Indonesia, in the largest Muslim country in the world, has a great selection of ladyboys. There are no dedicated ladyboy bars in Jakarta, not go-go or beer bars, there is no actual place you can go and meet ladyboys in a quiet bar or club.

The ladyboys in Jakarta are contained mostly to one section of this large city called Taman Lawang; this is an high end are of the city with affluent residents and ladyboy hookers! Every night after dark you can find literally dozens walking around and waiting for customers. If you take a taxi from your hotel and tell tem you want Waria [Ladyboys] in Taman Lawang; they cabs will take you through the area, which is about 6 city blocks. The hookers will come up to your window to try and tempt you.

There is also some straight bars where you can find ladyboys, and if you ask the right people they will point them out to you. Besides the ladyboys, there are hundreds of beautiful ladies, and Indonesian ladies are some of the hottest in the world. Jakarta stays open 24 hours; be prepared for some late nights if you go here.

Tanamur is the most famous spot in Jakarta for nightlife. This place has changed locations in the last year but is still THE place to be. This place would be likely to have some Waria in there. Don't plan on getting to this place before midnight and plan on staying very late. Taman Lawang is a park with some big road intersections. At night it's ladyboys (called 'waria' in Indonesian) haven. You can find everything from crossderesser and padded bras to Post Op transsexuals that are practically naked or wearing lingerie. All are eager to go home with you...

They allow all-night dancing and drinking and you can have a great time in this wild city of 10 million people. There seems to be no problems with the ladyboys hanging out at Taman Lawang, and they don't seem to strict about ladbyoys working around here. If you drive around here some night and you may see at least 60 or more tgirls hanging around.


Bali keeps up the tradition of Indonesia in that you can pretty much stay out all night in this gorgeous island. Some of the bars have NO last call, and even when some are closing down at 3 or 4 AM, there are others just opening for the insomniac [or drug-fueled] crowd to meet and congregate. One thing about these Indonesian people; they sure do know how to party!

The only dedicated 'waria' bar on Bali before 2005 was the world-famous Hulu Cafe, run by the very playful and fun Graham from Australia. He had a nice bar and cabaret unfortuanately closed now

Most people seem to head to the Gato-Gato section, which is actually just one long road with many really fun bars on it. There is some cabarets and several waria can be found in other bars.

Some bars in Gato-Gato are open 24 hours [Indonesians can party] and has a good mix of people from all around the world and some local Indonesian hookers, but not many of Waria. Lots of late night partying to be had here, and you can stay out all night if you so choose.

Some bars on the beach and stay open until 6AM or so. It seems like most of the crowd from Gato-Gato makes its way down to to the beach around 3 AM, and this is THE place to be in Bali just about every night of the week, and you may even spot a celebrity or 2 in here. Any late-night ladyboys looking to meet guys would definately end up here, and we saw at least 10 during our trips to this crazy place, which spills out on to the beach during the full moon.

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